Battleheart 2 Review – excellent action-RPG

The first Battleheart was released in late 2011, becoming cool and lightweight RPG on the iPhone and Android, with the right balance between action and strategy, do not let go of the player before the final credits. Do you need to kill five minutes, or get stuck for an hour or two in a comfortable chair, the game is waiting for you in your smartphone. Branch Battleheart Legacy was a little different game. High quality and interesting, but different. Finally, 7 years later, you can return to “the same” with the original Battleheart sequel. In the review of Battleheart, 2 will deal with all the pluses and minuses of this RPG for iOS and Android.

The game is certainly different from the original, and the differences we still talk, but Battleheart 2 is not too away from the original concept. If the first version of the game is not bypassed your side, then you know what to expect from the sequel.

Pick a team of four characters, choosing from among 12 different classes, and go to battle in real time with hordes of enemies. VOD on screen to issue commands and watch your brave guys deal with monsters and the forces of evil.

Battles make you stronger, you earn gold, experience and pass on new levels. For the specie, as in any other classic RPG for the iPhone and Android, you can buy new weapons and armor. You can also get resources after battles, and then with their help directly to improve the characters. Meet regularly bosses, which should be laid, to go further. Besides the growing power of their party between battles in Battleheart 2 do, in General, nothing. Don’t expect epic plot and sentimental stories of your Persians, woven into the gameplay. In this game focus on strong role-playing gameplay with a fair dash of action.

Battleheart takes 2 others. In this role-playing game for iPhone and Android exclusive real-time combat that allows you to invent your own strategies. Characteristically, combat mechanics have changed little since the original. Waves of enemies appear from behind that screen, and you only need to swipe the line between your character and the opponent.

To use treatment or BAF (a useful spell imposed on other allies), just run a line from the wizard to the target. To use special skills, press the Persians, and then tap on the icon which is most suited to a combat situation. If your fighter is already keen to bash someone with a club, and you need to switch to another target, simply run to the new target line. Characters moving in Battleheart 2 is also simple – tap on the desired character and, Yes, you guessed it – lead line on the screen. Your team itself will attack enemies if they are nearby, so great precision is not required.

The combat system is the soul of this game, and it’s as good as the original. In most cases, opponents are weaker than your characters, but they take a number. Even in the absence of numerical superiority, not every member of your party will survive a direct confrontation, even with not the strongest creature. Mages other, so if on the battlefield against two fighters and a couple of wizards came out of all three monster, you should carefully consider tactics. Of course, most opponents more than three.

The key to success in Battleheart 2 – time to use the skills of the characters, because everyone has a period of cooldown, i.e. banal fill. You can, of course, immediately begin to freeze enemies, turning them into icicles immobilized, but the wise player will save Friz if in the battlefield there will be a more serious opponent. Characters need to constantly improve, otherwise move on the game will be almost impossible.

It is here that comes into play roleplaying Battleheart 2. In General, there are four ways to raise the strength of your team of adventurers. The first is to gain levels, the transition to which is carried out after a certain number of experience points. Unlike the original, in the sequel, the total level of the party, and not separate from each fighter. This is a definite plus to encourage to try different combinations of warriors. In addition, if a “Persian” does not survive to the end of the battle, the penalties for this no – experience points gets the whole party. Even if you survive only one soldier – the victory will be unconditional and complete. There is no need to even unlock new characters. Enjoy this cool RPG for the iPhone and Android.

The second way is to purchase armor and weapons for gold coins. Gold extracted from monsters, as usual in role-playing games on the phone. Earned with sweat, blood and spent mana coins exchanged at a local store for the awesome armor and powerful weapons. Some items are only available to specific classes of fighters. The effects also have class bonuses. But the accessories work the same way on any character. Armor not only increases performance but also can impose beneficial effects on Persian, like health regeneration.

In the store, however, goods appear at random, so often obliged to wait for more powerful versions of what you already have. But you can improve any armor or weapons. This will require crystals. The more powerful the subject, the more you will have to pay for the improvement. Spend these crystals, except to Kraft, more than that, so put it aside for a black day is meaningless.

Finally, Battleheart 2, the characters have talents and skills. At the start of the character unlocked one specific. For skill points, you can unlock two more, and then offer a huge variety of talents that you spend points in the future. Here comes the limitation to replace characters. To fill the crystals, points and gold, but to grow from the scratch character – you need to spend decent time. Keep in mind.

In Battleheart 2, unlike other RPG for Android and iPhone, there are always a few missions to choose from. Easy, normal and hard. Level bosses is fixed, so to them on the field of battle can be quit at any time, as soon as you feel that your team is ready. In the end you unlock a mode of “Endless arena”, where enemies simply don’t end.

Visually Battleheart 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, look at screenshots and videos. Of course, added more details, and the colors are juicy. “Backdrops” on the battlefields look great, a lot of them, and they are different. Animation of characters and enemies became smoother and richer, and big bosses can even admire.

The interface and controls are also improved, however, I wish the developer proposed an alternative method of selection of characters – not only the direct tap on them. During the battle, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish one Persian, from the other, which complicates the choice.

In Battleheart 2 has a multiplayer mode where you along with other players (up to three) can relish monsters chop the cabbage. At the time of writing the multiplayer worked without bugs, but the developer probably already have prepared the patch.

Battleheart 2 continues the tradition of exemplary action-RPG for phones, laid the original game in 2011. A great sequel that will appeal to all lovers of swords, flaming fireballs, skill trees, and mountains of loot. Combat mechanics in the game are excellent and guarantees a memorable experience.

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