Browse Suzy Cube: a benchmark for 3D platformers

The long-awaited game is finally on the virtual shelves of Google Play and App Store, created by the developer NorthernBytes and publisher Noodlecake. Perfect for touch screen controls together with juicy arcade gameplay makes Suzy Cube one of the best casual games this year for iOS and Android. If you ever played Super Mario 3D Land or World, then you know what to expect from the new items.

The camera in the game moving when necessary, i.e. when you really need a change of perspective. Therefore, there is a feeling that you play in a two-dimensional platformer with 3D elements. Honestly, this camera looks more natural than most 3D platformers on the iPhone, on Android. You go on a three-dimensional lobby, but there is a feeling that moving on two-dimensional corridors. It should be noted that a fixed camera was originally conceived for 3DS, where to take in the three-dimensional world helps, but on normal screens iPhone and smartphones on Android it works fine.

In the beginning of the review stipulate that Suzy Cube – the game is paid. For fun to download it on iPhone or Android will have to pay three hundred rubles. Download free other platformers, arcade, RPG, and simply “line” is possible here (no texting or registrations).

Unlike hundreds of other 3D platformers on the phone, the heroine of our review, the camera becomes an annoying hindrance, and to run through a cartoonish three-dimensional world is a pleasure. Sometimes, however, the game has secrets that are purposely hidden from the eyes of the player, so they will have to look for. Otherwise, sensitive camera behavior is welcome, and other developers of 3D platformers and arcade games on Android and iOS to take Suzy Cube as a model of imitation.

The camera also helps in the game with the level design. For example, on the level of the pyramids to the exit can be reached from two routes, and they are not linear. Three stars given on completion of each level, are pushing to choose unusual destinations and explore the local three-dimensional world to find the secrets. A couple of observations concerns only the levels with a timer, where often a slip on the snow (because otherwise a great camera), but the boss battles – the fight had the same using different techniques.

Successful management of stress Suzy Cube controllers. If you pull up the controller and play a platformer with it, the difference compared to the touch controls barely noticeable, which is nice to know. The game also supports Apple TV (Siri Remote and MFi). But no cloud saves, so carefree fluttering and grumbling from fun butterfly from iPhone to Apple TV not work, have to choose one platform.

Platformer offers you several power-UPS in the style of Mario. You can use them not just to fly through the levels and find secret items. For example, you see the block with the crack, but to break it can not. Until then, you will get a tool for breaking blocks and will be able to do these secret objects. But it should be noted that although the power-UPS and you can carry with you from level to level when receiving damage, they are lost. In Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World though was a so don’t have to look for the right thing. And just to leave the level, after procuring the necessary power-up will not work.

In Suzy Cube you wait for five worlds with five levels each. In addition, in each world, there is an optional level that opens if you type a certain number of stars. And there is a hidden world, where the developer has prepared another 11 levels. These additional levels – the juice, because they have the game creators are experimenting with game mechanics. One, for example, is a Board game “, Plinco”, where you have to find the correct route down to get all three stars. Another developer deliberately plays with perspective, that you didn’t understand where really are three-dimensional units in space. Carbon monoxide levels.

In a platformer, the characters are quite crude, but the somewhat Spartan simplicity of the picture considerably quickens the animation, giving them character. Basically, the game is all cubic, but the enemies look just as anonymous bots to be bullied, and as a living part of the local mysterious world. The most fun enemy to our taste, one that follows the movement of the player, and his need to outwit, jumping, and then to slip further down the level. Another need to push from the ledge. Approaching the edge, he begins to sweat and panic. It looks very funny.

The verdict
Suzy Cube is in development for three years. Looking at the result, not surprisingly. Everyone here in their places and management can be the envy of any other platformer. Strongly recommend not to spare the three hundred rubles for this charming 3D arcade.

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