Deep Space: surface shooter for the iPhone with a couple of interesting ideas

Casual shooters in the App Store sea, but worthy among them are vanishingly small quantity. In recent years, among new releases, a decent shooter can be counted on the fingers. A brand new Deep Space shooter from developer Bug Studios and publisher Crescent Moon attracts attention. In contrast to the levels of broken brothers, a game differs procedurally generated endless gameplay that tests your strength and agility. The game as if to say: look, how long can you last. In a review of Deep Space will figure out whether the shooter download on your iPhone or iPad.

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In Deep Space you’ll be playing for the brave space Explorer, traveling on a tiny ship where fit a small cabin, Yes the store. Every time you connect it to a huge and, at first glance, an abandoned starship, which quickly turns out to be a very busy location. In the process of moving the space machine you will be securely closed doors, so to run there can be only forward.

Fortunately, the Explorer landed in a spaceship not with empty hands – at your disposal are three powerful blows. First, you can smartly and jump high, which is a key element of local strategies of survival. Second, your ship has a shop with different useful upgrades, available for local coins. Finally… you have a real weapon. Not the most powerful option, but it can be upgraded to infinite ammo. The shop has other guns, as well as a couple of existing temporary power-UPS. After purchase, they will randomly drop in the game.

In the shooter, as I said above, you can run only forward. However, this does not mean that you have to rush. Deep Space allows you to navigate forward and backward within certain limits and to choose their own pace. The spacecraft is divided into zones. As soon as you pass one, a gate behind closes, but in the current zone, you can run back and forth without restrictions. However, you’ll want to move forward and only forward.

Spaceship, of course, is rich with traps and crawling with enemies. And the more you stagnate, the higher the probability that you quickly liquidated. At the start, you can be quite leisurely, but as soon as the exploding suicide bombers, there will have to hurry. The explosion of this type of enemy brings down a piece of the floor, and, depending on the situation, this collapse could become fatal for you.

And it is here that Deep Space and reveals itself as a fascinating shooter for the iPhone. The enemy threat is not so much the direct attacks, how much interaction with other objects. When the worm explodes and leaves behind mucus, which makes the floor sticky and clogs up the laser traps, you rejoice. But it is explosive if the man did not have time to run forward and blow it with a piece of the floor in front of the slime. Then you have to do is very carefully calculated double jump, the only salvation in this situation. Worms falling on my headspace Explorer and temporarily taking a character under his control, little threat are not. Rather cause mild irritation. But if there was a failure – the situation becomes markedly sharper. However, if the floor is poured slime green worm, she will play you for a hand, stalling the character and freeing him from certain death, because you have time to return it under his control.

To handle weapons in the shooting game for iOS also to the mind. The bomber, of course, better to shoot before he had time to run to you and explode. But in this case do not place an unplanned death, suicide will remain a failure. Therefore, such enemies should use, that encloses the opponent in a bubble and it flies off into the distance without an explosion. However, such guns appear in locations randomly, and their ammo is limited, so always use the right weapon will not work. But when you do manage to use the right combination of barrel and the enemies, the fun is guaranteed. Packaging the demolition in bubbles and blow up the traps from a grenade launcher at a safe distance – fits into the concept of cool shooting games for iPhone.

However, not everything is so rosy in the depths of shooting and exploding space Deep Space. From shooting a couple of problems that do not allow to give her the highest rating.

Game control is implemented using virtual buttons sometimes “stick” and not respond to clicks. In most cases tolerable, but when the jump button suddenly doesn’t work, and you run into the pit, and the screen lights up “geymover”, then flattering words in address of the developer is not.

Another minus – in the Deep Space get bored quite easily. The situation again, diversity is not enough, and the level design (or more precisely, segments of one and the same location) could be more variable. Despite the rather bizarre enemies and traps, all the way in the shooting game you run through the cosmic corridors that not much had changed. And the shooter is quite complicated, what a pleasant casual he adds. In some cases, the combination of enemies and traps differently as a subtle mockery of the player cannot be named.

If you just need to kill time, Deep Space as a good shooter for the iPhone well can handle it. It is easy to start to play, and procedural in nature does not imply every time to mess with upgrades or equipment. Fun run through the spaceship, collect coins, shoot aliens zombie crash and improve the equipment. All that easily in General.

However, if you want a little more shooting, then there is Deep Space begins to take. A little more complex than it should, a little less variety than I would like, a little less consistent than expected from a really high-quality shooter of the highest class.

The verdict
In Deep Space shooter game for the iPhone there are some great ideas that distinguish it from other, but strongly recommend it as a great casual shooter, I would not. Given the problems with the office, download it one only to fans of the genre, not waiting for special miracles but wish to get fresh and interesting shooter. The price of 230 rubles, without in-app purchases.

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