Golf Club: Wasteland – post-apocalyptic review of the Golf simulator

Stylish and atmospheric Golf simulator in the post-apocalypse world , deriding the state of modern society. In this unusual game, you have to conquer two-dimensional levels with a vertical component and dangers that are not found in regular Golf. The action of “Golf Club: Wasteland” unfolds on post-apocalyptic Earth, which shocked the Great Catastrophe. The review game will help to learn what happened, and whether to download it onto my iPhone.

Humanity left Earth. To escape the Holocaust, the rich flew to Mars. The rest of us stayed and died. Such a dismal plot, oddly enough, led to a rather interesting history, which the developer says a game in a very unusual Golf on the remains of earth’s civilization.

The basis of Golf Club: Wasteland lies a two-dimensional Golf simulator for the iPhone, which in the App Store in abundance. To explain, I think, nothing. Management simple and convenient. Just tap and hold your finger anywhere on the screen to start the backswing, and then moving your finger to aim. Any Golf clubs or other complications.

To be successful in the local post-apocalyptic Golf is to remember that the aim is possible from any point of the screen. If you start with the place where there is a lone golfer, the screen can suddenly end, and a normal swing will not work. But if you take the backstay to screen space to spare, the game will be much easier. Still would not stop the trajectory of the previous shot to adjust, but don’t have that.

As in any other two-dimensional Golf for the iPhone, in each hole there is a secret or an opportunity to take a shortcut, so you often have to weigh the risk and possible reward in case of success. Often used pipe – if you get into this, the path to the hole solidly declining. Some environmental objects such as the window, split, gameplay that adds to the unusual.

To swing the virtual club will have inside, outside and around various crumbling buildings. The game often throws a really difficult situation where will need a few strokes to get the ball in the most difficult place… and then rollback to the beginning. Will have to look for the remnants of the various companies to understand what went wrong.

Satire in Golf Club: a little crude, with reference to modern well-known political and public figures, from real prototypes separated by only a veil of light. For example, a colony on Mars called Tesla city that clearly hints at the Elon Musk plans to establish a settlement on Mars. The environment of the game, and that Golf in the contaminated radioactive soil rich colonists with “the red planet” explains the political position of the developers.

No wonder the Studio is located in Eastern Europe, in one of the countries of the former communist camp. But Golf Club: Wasteland translated into Russian language so that problems with understanding of narrative among Russian-speaking players will not arise.

Good headphones for games is not needed but highly recommended. There is a wonderful radio Nostalgia that accompanies you throughout the gameplay. Plot load listening to the radio cannot be held, however, creates a surprisingly accurate atmosphere and sets the context in a post-apocalyptic world of Golf. The music in the game is nostalgic futuristic. Song if from 2020, and listen to their people from 2040, indulging in bitter sorrow for the lost homeland. The soundtrack, by the way, you can buy separately after the game.

When you go underground, the radio signal is lost. Pleasant trifle. The song, incidentally, was written specifically for the game, and a short history leading narrates about how humanity was Tesla in a city on Mars and what happened before on Earth.

The cool bar also in the fact that the golfer does not just teleports to the ball, but flies up to the rocket pack. Sometimes he scared angry unsuccessful shocks. So “Golf Club:” this is not just an atmospheric simulator of course, but something more.

Golf plays a more subordinate role in relation to the style of play, however, is quite important. There are glasses, but they are in the game do not even appear on the screen, so the first level you get without regard for results. You can then see how well you did. If desired, the results can be improved at each hole, which we recommend to do, because when you set a certain amount of points opens up new dialogues. “Golf Club: Wasteland” is so good that even the replay value it high.

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