Letgo: why Tinder for things is so popular

If you wanted to sell or buy something without leaving home, it’s time to test the new app for that. Letgo Sell and Buy Used Stuff can be downloaded for iOS and Android. The main thing — everything is geared to ensure that you traded in your phone, without the hassle and need to turn on the computer or laptop.

At this site the service is there, but it only works for background info: there you can learn how it works, and download letgo on mobile. To navigate in the platform is quite simple: or are looking for the right thing, or upload a photo of your “lot”. Continue to communicate with buyers and sellers without leaving the app, without detracting from the phone. And most importantly – thanks to the geolocation feature automatically displays the first products and sellers that are near you. Without bugs and freezes. It’s almost like in your favorite Facebook – have a list of subscribers and subscribed to you, chats, notifications and even likes.

The service works not only for us — is already gaining popularity in the US, UAE, Czech Republic and other countries. The principle works the same everywhere – those wishing to provide a fast and convenient way to buy or sell what they need, not wasting time on the phone, clarify by e-mail and other meaningless intermediate steps. This is what distinguishes it from others is the number of all sorts of distractions is minimized and the spirit of the time.

Is it really all so easy and seamless – we decided to check for myself. Edition bit.ua tested letgo both sides and is ready to share impressions.

Thus, the experiment with the sale can be considered completely successful – all three lots went under the hammer quickly and without hassle. Sold we be without the job, working and not wasting time on calls clarification on instant messengers and e-mail and meeting with buyers at the other end of the city. Next on the plan – those evening dresses that are sure it is time to withdraw out of the comfort zone of my closet.

Experiment with the purchase also was a success: editorial the spontaneous desire to buy something for a gift without leaving your home, or to create a festive atmosphere in the office was implemented quickly and without a trip to the supermarket, in the cold weather — a separate nice bonus. The biggest benefit is portability and ease of interface. In the process of using letgo comes to mind is the analogy with Tinder — a popular service for quick Dating. Here everything is as quick and easy, but for things — if something is not like thumbing through and looking on, and if liked — you can just ask the seller that you are interested in correspondence convenient and accessible inside the app, like chat “Tinder”. No need to add a person to friends in social networks or write once your phone number — simply and safely lead a correspondence with him. Buy and sell you can, not just from the comfort of home or office, and not even being distracted from your favorite smartphone: in the age of social networks this is exactly what we need.

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