Silverfish DX: review arcade on iPhone with a powerful strategic component

Game Silverfish DX on phone from Studio Chaotic Box – the reincarnation of famous casual arcade 2010, a cheerful mix of Pac-Man with Geometry Wars. Interestingly, the third honor of Geometry Wars for some reason from the App Store disappeared. The more interesting DX Silverfish – not only as the original game but the replacement of the unconditional hit prematurely left us. The game review will reveal all the pros and cons of a brand new arcade game on iPhone and iPad.

Silverfish in DX you will constantly run away from enemies, get rid of them in two ways: collecting bombs (called energy pods at a local training mission) that blow up nearby enemies and leaves behind protons-multipliers, which can and should pick up. In addition, the bomb is filled with striped POW, which, after the final fill takes you into MAX mode. In this mode, you can appetite to eat their enemies, accumulating points. The more the base multiplier, the more points you rack up. However, that’s not all – each eaten an enemy increases your temporary multiplier, so over x120 constant multiplier you can get more x40.

But if your nimble space bug will get from the enemy’s quick paws, the POW indicator light will be reduced to one single division, and within 5 seconds you must get a bomb, or a bug waiting for the inevitable and instant death. In addition, the POW in the course of the game slowly falling, so if you choose long routes to bombs, you will have to pick up extra to activate the MAX mode. In addition, in your Arsenal of special one – Time Shock. Tap the screen and time slow down, and the enemies will flee from you, opening a free passage to your destination.

In this arcade game on iPhone and iPad, you always have to compromise. Is it worth it to go around a Horde of enemies to reach the bomb if you are in danger you will have is quite a long time? However, the reward will be collected three bombs, which will allow you to enter in MAX mode. But that’s if you’re lucky and you’ll survive. Time Shock too costly, after the murder of protons is not too much, but still, they need to gather.

But Silverfish DX, you can find ways around such finer points. For example, it is possible to carry along plenty of enemies, fly up to the bomb, dashing it to go around and then pick up, while the concentration of hostile space bugs around bombs maximum. So you can pick up a maximum of protons. Of course, is to keep the POW was enough to enter in MAX mode.

The game keeps almost permanent tension since you need to constantly keep in mind all three of these to survive. Every time you have to make strategic decisions, choosing bombs. To strive for already values enemies, knowing that they will run away, or just aim at new, where you can catch up before they run away? Whether to use Time Shock to get to the bomb and activate MAX mode, but at the same time risking that after switching off this mode, the time to slow down will not happen and you actually will remain without weapons. Or wait, but it will still be that without specially cannot do. Silverfish DX requires making many decisions and incorporates the gameplay a lot of compromises.

This arcade game for the iPhone masterfully combines the pure dynamics of a time-killer and strategy to the gameplay. A good hybrid of Pac-Man and Geometry Wars, but not without some genetic abnormalities…

If you played the original game Silverfish for iPhone and iPad, now sunk into Oblivion, something about the cons you know. What’s the difference between these two arcade games? First, in the new game, you’re not tied to coordinates and can move at 360 degrees. Due to this to maneuver among the enemy became easier as ready to fly at any angle, not just straight paths. In the original, the enemies were moving in any directions, but you had to keep a clear linear trajectory. To return to the original control you can use the MFi controller and joystick on it.

Silverfish in DX there are no additional modes except the main one. In the original, there were many, although the rules, in fact, remained the same, with minor changes. Their presence added variety to the game, but without them, it is possible to do. In addition, according to statistics developer, these additional modes almost nobody played, so fresh continue only one game mode.

The verdict
Silverfish DX – great quick arcade game for iPhone and iPad that contains a surprisingly competently written element of the strategy, not looking alien. Coherent control and nice graphics make it a good choice for the role of a time-killer of the week and even month. “Weighs” a toy, despite the beauty, a mere minuscule – 28.5 MB. Supports iOS 9+. The only notable disadvantage – the lack of different game modes, because the gameplay is brightened only by the appearance of new types of enemies.

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